Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Something Wizardy This Way Comes

Another day, another new introduction to another department in the library! Yesterday marked the start of preparing materials for a Teen/Young Adult program called Harry Potter Party revolving around Harry Potter and the upcoming movie release: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It was explained to me how different ages have different ability levels and thus crafts for programs must be carefully prepared so that no age is overwhelmed or completely bored.

In this program, for example, teens will have the opportunity to make their very own wizarding wands. Yet if every teen had to go through the process of rolling the paper so it formed a thin enough tube, pouring hot glue down the tube so that it filled, and waiting for that glue to dry for an hour or so to form a hard wand, that would probably not be so much fun for the teens. So instead, my mentor and I sat down and rolled out thirty paper tubes, made a hilarious mess with the hot glue trying to fill them (don't worry, we filled all the tubes and cleaned up!), and had the tubes set and dry.

Now, when the day of the program comes (on Tuesday, July 7th from 2-4pm), everyone can focus on painting, modifying, and otherwise perfecting their wand instead of watching glue dry.

(My mentor made the finished wand shown above as an example)

Now onto potions class and those pesky O.W.L.S. exams! (I know, just when you thought finals were over, too. Heehee!)

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