Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Papers Everywhere!!

So the gap in posting occurred largely due to the vast amount of paperwork necessary for both the summer reading program and the academic portion of my internship.

The summer reading program this year for the children's room is Read to Feed!, with the kids reading to earn money that will be donated to the local food pantry SHARE. My role in this was to assemble the summer reading packets that will go home with each student on the last day of class. I assembled, with the diligent aid of my mentors of course, enough packets for each student in Milford in Readiness through Fifth Grade. I think the average number of students per grade was around two hundred, but we kind of stopped counting after a while. heehee!

The packets contain the summer reading logs, along with lists of events that the library will be presenting this summer (including my Tie-Dye Tuesday!! on August 4th at 1:30pm!!) and bookmarks and pencils for the youngest grades.

Unfortunately, the other paper work does not seem to be nearly as exciting as stuffing brightly colored sheets into bags for future summer program participants. No, the academic paperwork is something I fear above all else: reflective and research papers. I will have to compose three short papers relating my experience at the library to set prompts that my school has issued. The unfortunate part lies in the subject of these prompts. My college seems to have decided that all interns are taking business or political internships, and the prompts reflect that. So the question remains, what does a library intern have in common with someone who wants to be a future CEO or US senator? Let's find out!!

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