Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lexi the Intern and the Case of the Missing Mentor

Ok, well, to be fair, my mentor was not missing, (she was merely hiding in an obscure back room in the building), but I have been thinking about that title for a few weeks and it seemed a good opportunity to use it. So now today is officially awesome!

Events that made today awesome:
  • Got to use cool title!
  • Over three hundred people attended our summer reading kick off event yesterday evening. Great turn-out people!
  • Made a new poster requesting people to turn off their cell phones in the library. My mentor loved it and now it is almost wall papering the main floor. (Only a slight exaggeration, but hey!, I finished a project!!)
  • Finished revising a brochure about our online database collection and my mentor thinks it is ready to go to print! (We are waiting for another mentor to give the final go-ahead.)
  • Made over three hundred tickets for our Wild About Wednesday programs that actually contain relevant information.
  • Sent out information about Tie-Dye Tuesday! for our monthly newsletter! (The info will hopefully appear in our July newsletter because the event will be taking place so very early in August [AUGUST 4TH, 1:30pm, HINT HINT heeheehee])
And to make matters even better, I found some equipment for my graduation present at a good price. How cool is that?

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