Monday, June 8, 2009

The List of Knowledge, The Ultimate Sorting Machine, and the Intern

So these past few weeks, I've been rather remiss in my mentioning of my time in the Technical Services Department. I find this rather strange as this is the area of a library I hope to one day find myself working in full time. You see, this is where the magic happens. This is where all the new books come in, their records are created, and they are labeled, covered and stamped before heading out to the public. This is what that blasted "In Processing" status means when you're waiting for that new book.

Anyway, over the past couple weeks, under the tutelage of mentors, of course, I began the process of taking a stack of recently purchased books, referred to as "New Acquisitions" and have started moving them through the cataloging process. Their first stop was checking the contents of these boxes against receipts, and then creating purchase records. Next up: creating call numbers!! At least, I think that's the next step. I mean, it does make sense right?

The rest of my time today was spent again in the Reference Department where I carefully began constructing my first draft of my very first library brochure based on that massive list of online databases I compiled last week. I found this process (and the use of Microsoft Publisher) to be significantly simpler than the construction of the companion website (using Dreamweaver) but I remain hopeful that the ease of both will level out with practice. I am wondering if I will ever look at a website or brochure the same way again once this summer is over! heehee!

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